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Stage view over an ETC Ion Stage Lighting Console

Entertainment Technology

The following are technology ‘canvases’ used to communicate with your audience:

  • Stage lighting, lighting show control;
  • Architectural lighting and placemaking;
  • Sound systems: live performance, foreground, background, and soundscapes;
  • Audio Visual (AV), presentation and room automation;
  • Digital Media: distribution, display, projection; Content Management Systems (CMS) and control;
  • Broadcast Infrastructure;
  • Digital Signage, screens – indoor, outdoor, large and small;
  • Entertainment venue technical systems: rigging, flying, drapes, stage lifts;
  • Venue infrastructure: power, cabling, specialised technical data.

To attract and deliver an engaging experience, today’s entertainment and cultural venues must utilise a wide range of technologies.

Technologies continually advance as do expectations of users, audiences, and visitors to these spaces. Sadly, most specialised equipment is significantly affected by obsolescence. This creates pressure to update. Without an informed plan, this increases risk.

This can be confusing, resulting in fear or super short term thinking or paralysis to delay upgrades. 

The confusion is often (mis-) used by tech companies to pressure of oversimplify the options/path to upgrade. Without fully considering the options for operations, present and future needs, rework and unnecessary costs may be imposed.

We ensure that equipment, systems and underlying infrastructure has the widest capability to be flexible, ability to pivot, suits now and future and thus is as future-proof as possible.

Engaging Spaces

Spaces that we help design can be physical or virtual. We ensure users have an engaging, immersive, transformative experience that suits the space’s purpose.

We are specialists in creating spaces which host specialist activities such as:

  • Performing arts (theatre, dance, music, drama);
  • Recreation & sports (arenas and stadia);
  • Culture (museums & galleries);
  • Houses of worship;
  • Art installations: spatial soundscape, immersive experiences, VR, etc.

When working on designing a venue, we ensure that the ‘space’ suits its intended purpose (often called operational planning and this includes a no gaps approach to include support spaces, precinct, etc.).

When designing systems for the space, we custom select equipment, technologies and configurations ensuring that each is the best and simplest way to deliver the experience with consideration for future proofing. The operators experience is as important as the visitors’.

Spaces for entertainment, presentation, worship, contemplation, exhibition, functions, sales, meetings and business communications benefit from this thinking.

Humans are visual creatures and we have experts at creating lit experiences which are magical.

Knowing the power of the auditory sense to deeply emotionally engage people (often more subconsciously than consciously) the available perception shift with sound is potentially greater than any other sense.

Perfection is acheived not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Everything should be as simple as it can be but not simpler.

Albert Einstein

How do we help create
engaging spaces?

Spirited Thinking offers services including:

  • Venue planning (design input for operational efficiency),
  • Installation management (contract administration)
  • Commissioning and witness testing.
  • Systems configure, programme and tune.
  • Audit, assess, gap analysis, options for upgrades or resolving operational issues to improve venue capability and systems functionality.
  • Assist with preparation of business plans for technical operations, technical asset management for entertainment and presentation venues and their technology.
  • Content composition for: projection, soundscapes, effects, museum exhibit AV and multimedia.
  • Live performance production design (theatre and events).

We will listen carefully to your requirements and aspirations. We consider your needs and opportunities. We work collaboratively to deliver appropriate, cost effective, value for money tailored solutions.

“Spirited Thinking were a game-changer for the project” says David Marshall, OAM, HRCC Manager. “The outcome is far beyond our original expectations.” 

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