about us

Technology abounds.
Its easy to become like fish in water – immersed and virtually unaware of its impact. This is where Spirited Thinking can help.


Spirited Thinking is a niche design firm creating engaging spaces for people. We design technology systems for art, culture, recreation & sport, entertainment, communications or business and broadcast applications. We also help and advise on management of these systems and the venues that use them, with the development of management systems and documentation such as: business plans and technical & administration documentation, system design, tender documentation, assessments, upgrade plans and reports.


Our people are highly experienced with entertainment & presentation technology and the art and business of utilising it for storytelling, communication and creating engaging spaces.


Theatre at its essence is story telling or taking the audience on a journey. This is communicating something between people which often requires the receiving person to shift their point of view. In theatre this shift is called suspending disbelief. It’s about immersing oneself in another world and emotionally engaging with it.


We use this (theatrical) approach as the methodology for everything we design and implement. Our people have spent their career working in this way at the highest levels, often on a ‘world stage’.


Focused on performing arts venues and venues for arts & culture (museums & galleries), and sport & recreation venues, we assist in designing venues and projects, help optimise and improve operational systems and operate, configure and commission systems and content to ensure they engage and communicate well with their users.


We design as users, and having practical experience with using these ‘spaces’, the technology and creating them, provides huge benefits in enabling us to find that ‘sweet spot’ where everything comes together and works. We take a ‘no gaps’ approach to ensure the whole project works well as intended.


Collectively, with many decades of experience in creating ‘spaces’ and using a range of technologies, together with keeping a keen eye on the latest developments we ensure that things are as simple as they can be, but not simpler. When working through the inevitable ‘value engineering’, we ensure the key fundamental objectives are maintained throughout, including operations (of the system/space). We learn from the past, look ahead and implement in the present.


Having worked in the arts and creative projects, we stand in both technical and creative worlds, cross communicate and cross pollinate with a professional attitude. 


Our experience includes highly developed business acumen which enables us to integrate the technical areas well with the remainder of the business. It also enables us to cross communicate between these ‘worlds’ for their mutual benefit.


Innovation is a buzzword these days. It is very techno. The word is overused!


In our opinion, innovation should be embedded in all design processes. Repeating an old idea is just as valid as using a new one or one from somewhere else.


We aim to find the best idea for the purpose, utilise it in a minimalist way and at the right level. Every element must be appropriate and pay its way.