WA Athletics Stadium

  • Location: Mount Claremont
  • Client: Venues West
  • Project: Sound system upgrade

The venue’s main sound system (PA) was comprehensively upgraded due to large lacks in coverage and many user complaints during all uses.

The original installation provided limited coverage which was to the grandstand seating and the middle of the opposite side spectator mounds. This lack was due to a poor initial brief and minimalist installation, typical of a lack of using an experienced specialist designer for a specialist venue which WAAS is.

There was no coverage of the track or field which are key areas for school meets as competitors on the field and in the spectator area must be able to hear announcements calling them to their events. Due to under-engineering and ageing, the existing PA was distorted and performing poorly. Together these issues were producing regular complaints from users. Many events had to being in PA equipment at significant unwanted cost. 

In the absence of significant asset funding Spirited Thinking proposed a 2 year, 2 step upgrade plan for a new PA system which would cover the entire field and all spectators, provide for all events other than the international meets (and only then require minimal augmentation). It would also be capable of installation over a functioning venue with minimal impact on operations and the grounds and buildings.

The plan utilised the budgeted maintenance funds together with a small addition of funds.

The circumstances required innovative procurement across 2 financial years, tight estimating and tendering to get the project over the line for Stage 1, provide significant user experience improvements and ready for following year stage 2 completion. It also had to allow for an alternate supplier to perform stage 2 if procurement guidelines required. The project was tendered as a 2 stage installation with seperate pricing for each stage and the second stage optional.

Preformed by Rutledge Engineering as the specialist installation contractor, stage 1 result provided a sound system of the highest standards transforming the venue into a world class performer and providing coverage and performance well above expectations for a cost below normal expectations for such a venue. Stage 2 completed over a year later, finished the installation with coverage of far seating being maintained in high winds events.

Spirited Thinking, led the project providing design, Specification of Works and site installation monitoring (contract administration). This delivered a cost effective, transformational outcome for venue owners, operators and users (clients) at low risk.

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