Queens Park Theatre

  • Location: Geraldton
  • Client: City of Greater Geraldton
  • Project: Technical operations management plan and upgrades

Queens Park Theatre in Geraldton is a well-designed regional venue, the hub of the arts and entertainment scene in its area.

Like most building projects, it had been under-equipped from its inception and playing catch up for the 30+ years since. The accelerating discontinuation of conventional bulbs threatened the operations of the stage lighting rig, and triggered the need to redesign the entire house lighting rig. The prospect of substantial expenditure caused the council to seek professional advice for how best to move forward.

A tender was issued for a “Technical Operational Plan” consultancy and Spirited Thinking were engaged to assist the venue’s Technical Team Leader to develop plan including an acquisition list. This was developed into an assessment of underlying infrastructure, forward-looking at all department’s needs including new technologies to arrive at a robust and justified upgrade plan across all technical departments.

“I have learned so much from the process.” says Alexander Dick, Technical Team Leader. “Thanks to Spirited Thinking, we now have a 5 year plan for operations, all the technical equipment and infrastructure that we need to upgrade. …the report provides the much-needed explanation to justify the upgrades we urgently need to council and management which they were then fully supportive of.”

“We have the tools and a far better relationship with the Council finance department as we are speaking their language, thanks to the process we went through developing the plan.”

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